Over three decades experience in property management




  - Stellar Executive Group excels in the following dedicated services:

-          Property

o       Evaluation, update, repair, maintenance, and inspections

o       Curb appeal enhancements

o       Tenant screening and placement

o       Rent collection and disbursement

o       Contract management

o       Cleaning services between tenants

-          Marketing & Sales

o       MLS capability

o       Professional advertising and signage

o       Vast local realtor network

-          Investor services

o       Portfolio and property Analysis

o       Accounting services

o       Financial guidance for additional investment properties

o       Lease-purchase sales support

o       Court and legal representation

o       Quarterly and annual financial reporting

o       ACH rent collection and mortgage payment capability

o       Sales closing representation

o       Contract management

o       Evictions

-          Maintenance

o       Building maintenance

o       Lawn and landscape maintenance

o       Septic repair and maintenance

o       Pool maintenance

-          Estate services

o       Estate sales/auctions

o       Property cleaning and preparation

o       Estate property management